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What You Get

The free trial enables you or one of your colleagues to ‘try-out’ the assessments as if you were a candidate. We then send you samples of the reports that may be generated so you may decide if the information is appropriate for your needs.


Job Fit Report

A Job-Fit Report which combines the results of the Cognitive (General Reasoning) Test and Personality Assessment. The job fit report compares your results to a library of different job-fit benchmarks.


Attitude Report

An Attitudes to Work Report which identifies potential for counter-productive behaviours in the workplace - providing additional job-related indicators that complement the cognitive and personality measures.


Engagement Report

The Engagement Report (measuring current/previous job & employer engagement levels) provides an additional reference point identifying work-related motivation levels of your candidates.


Onboarding Report

An Onboarding Report to assist employers in understanding the personality traits of new employees and determine how best to structure their induction, on-boarding, etc.


Leadership Report

A Leadership Identifier Report which provides information on common leadership competency levels to assist employers in identifying future leadership potential and talent.


Self Development Report

A Leadership – Management Report which provides information on management style and approach to tasks with useful self development tips to help people maximise their strengths.

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