Bespoke Assessment Development

Looking to develop your own assessment?
Our team of Occupational Psychologists are experienced in a developing robust assessment solutions.

Situational Judegement Tests

Situational judgement tests assess your candidates ability to choose the most appropriate action in workplace situations.

Values Assessments

Values assessments help you to know what makes your candidates and employees happy or unhappy in their work and career.

Personality Type Assessments

Jungian personality type assessments are great for personal development with your current employees.

Cognitive Ability Tests

General cognitive ability tests are compehensive tests with questions covering multiple cognitive concepts.

Emotional Intelligence

Useful to increase awareness and understanding of emotional intelligence, emotional awareness and abilities.

Skills Tests

Testing for 'hard' skills is a great way to see if candidates have the pre-requisite skills and knowledge.

Building Your Own Assessments

Whilst much of what we do to help you recruit the best people for your team is catered for with off-the-shelf assessments, sometimes you may have a special need or requirement for your own assessment.

Our team of industrial/organisational psychologists have many years of experience of developing bespoke assessments for both large and small organisations.

We'll work with your team through 3 simple steps:

  1. Our team works with you to understand what you are trying to asssess and why.
  2. We develop the assessment and questions and conduct initial trials to collect data.
  3. After tweaking and refinement, your assessment is developed and accessed via your Big 5 Assessments dashboard account.

Bespoke Assessment Development

Big 5 Assessments

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