Report Manager

Scores & reports at your fingertips, instantly!

  1. Pre-define what reports you want in advance.
  2. Emailed to you as soon as the candidate completes the assessments.
  3. Automatically send copies top your hiring managers.
  4. Everything you need to interview from your mobile device.

Recruiting on the go?

Get all the insights you need delivered to your inbox as soon as the candidate completes the assessments.


Candidate Summary

An overview of which assessments have been completed.

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Score Summary

A summary of the candidates top level scores.

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Detailed score analysis for each trait and scale.

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PDF Report

Your PDF reports attached as well, ready for interviews.

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How Report Manager Works

3 simple steps to getting set up with report manager.

Select Your Reports

As part of setting up your assessment links for your candidates, you select which reports you would like included in your PDF report attached to your scores email.

Choose Who To Send Results To

After you have selected which reports you want, simply add in the email addresses who you would to send copies of the scores and reports to including your hiring managers.

Get Results On The Go

As soon as your candidate completes the required assessments, the system will process the results and email you the candidates scores and reports so that you have all the insights you need in your inbox.

Report Manager API

Helping you to access scores and reports wherever you need them.

Send Scores & Reports To Your ATS

Report Manager API is a great tool enabling you to send scores and reports to your Applicant Tracking System or a third party platform.

You can still get the Report Manager emails going directly to your inbox, but also a copy sent to your ATS as well.

Once configured, we'll send the relevant scores and reports for each candidate anywhere you need them via a JSON notification.


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