Candidate Experience

Discover why 74% of businesses are improving their candidate experience.

Candidate Experience

Any recruiters goal is rightly defined as 'finding the best candidates'. However, most organisations often overlook what it’s actually like applying for a job at their company, and there is often a disconnect referred to as “poor candidate experience”.

There are compelling reasons for fixing this and they stretch beyond good manners. First, the majority of unhappy candidates won’t try again once they’ve had a bad experience. A significant percentage of them will also tell their friends to not bother either and very poor experiences can lead to actually losing revenue.

Every hiring process turns up lots of rejected candidates and some "near misses", so no sensible company can afford to lose these talented people from their pool of potential future hires. With the likes of Glassdoor, Vault and CareerLeak it’s never been easier to research a company’s reputation.

The Impact Of Poor Candidate Experience

Resentment Rate

The average number of candidates that would not buy from an organisation after a poor candidate experience

Negative Experience

The average number of candidates that would share a poor candidate experience in person to someone they know

Social Media

The average number of candidates that would share a poor candidate experience via their social media accounts

Resentment Rate

For large employers (10,000+ employees) the resentment rate rises to 14.3% on average for a poor candidate experience



Candidate Resentment Calculator

Resentment Calculator

Our assumption is that 100% of the candidates who apply are also potential customers and/or influencers, and their candidate experience affects whether or not they apply again, whether or not they refer others, and whether or not they make purchases (your bottom-line revenue).


Resentment Calculator Results

According To Our Projections:

Your rejected applicants per hire =

Your annual rejected applicants =

Resonance Factor = your rejected candidate tells 1 person (at a minimum)

Your total rejected applicant audience =

At a 11% (average) overall candidate resentment rate where the candidate was willing to severe the relationship (based on responses and research conducted by TalentBoard in the 2018 benchmark report)

Your Potential Lost Customers =

Your Potential Lost Revenue at 11%:


The Benefits Of A Good Candidate Experience

Postive Experience

The average number of candidates that would share a positive candidate experience

Social Media

The average number of candidates that would share a positive candidate experience online

Candidate Referrals

The average number of candidates that would refer a friend after a good candidate experience

Increase Rate

The average number of candidates that would look to improve their relationship with company



Improving Your Candidate Experience

A Big 'Thank You' Goes A Long Way!

With FREE Career tools for your rejected candidates.

So the benefits of improving your candidate experience are important, but how do you do it?

There are a number of things you can do to improve candidate experience and it's certianly a good idea to consider your recruitment process from a candidates perspective.

A Better Idea

Why not show your rejected candidates your appreciation for taking the time to apply by giving them free access to career tools to help them secure their next job role?

That's where What Job Fits Me, a new online career tool from Big 5 Assessments, can really help!

We'll Take Care Of ALL Of Your Rejected Candidates For You

What Job Fits Me includes a range of online career tools to help job seekers secure their next job, including:

  • Career Strengths
  • Career Options
  • Salary Potential
  • Career Paths
  • How to improve their CV
  • How to improve their Interview Technique
  • How to improve their skills

Easy to set up and deploy to every single rejected candidate through your recruitment process in a uniquely affordable way. Contact us today to find out more and arrange an online demo.

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